About us

Company PAYUL is the independent participant of foreign trade activities, we perform customs registration of cargoes in all territory of the Russian Federation.

We work in the market of customs services of 15 years. We have wide experience on the organisation of customs registration with all types of transport, specific cargoes and in various customs structures (excise, exhibition, diplomatic).

We specialise on granting of individual decisions taking into account features of each of clients. It does us by confidential clerks of the best companies-cargo carriers.

Specialists of the company are ready to give you as separate service on customs registration of cargoes, and to organise a complete motion cycle of the goods «from a door to a door».

As our basic tasks act:

- Representation of interests of clients in customs bodies of the Russian Federation and other countries,

- Conformity to declared requirements,

- The competent organisation of system of the work, allowing to avoid further of some difficulties in goods sending/reception,

- We make out all categories of cargoes resolved for moving through customs border.

We render all clients of the company of service: customs value determination, official registration of papers, customs clearance, matching of a customs post and a warehouse of time storage, the help in reception of certificates and permissions, search of carriers and other services.

Number of our clients concern both Russian, and the foreign organisations which appreciate the time and receive a maximum of efficiency from the done work: Television company "VID", Hockey club «Wings of councils», Joint-Stock Company "MOSKABELMET", «Moshimfarmpreparaty it. Semashko», Moscow Endokrinnyj Factory, Joint-Stock Company «Bryntsalov A» (Ferein), Ninivitra Transpirti Internazionali, «Riga sprats» (the Riga sprats), LEGO, Baskin Robbins, «Pasta Zara», Concern "Stirol", Bahlsen GmbH & Co. KG, Rusulis A Stergiu L.Co and others company.