Prices and offers

For our partners we offer the flexible prices which completely correspond to required services.

Decisions for your business:

1. Customs registration of cargoes

We have extensive experience of declaring of the goods with the diversified nomenclature groups. On a preliminary stage of customs registration preparation (further procedure becomes simpler) is produced:

- Analysis of the contract in foreign trade and its additions, if necessary we make recommendations about adjustment or drawing up of the additional documentation;

- Goods classification (we select codes) with the greatest possible optimisation;

- Preparation of certificates, licences, import licences,

- Predesign of customs payments with accounting: the picked up codes, the size of duties, the VAT and customs fees;

- Matching of the complete set of documents for confirmation of customs value of the imported goods;

- Reduction in conformity in need of all commodity-accompanying, transport and commercial documentation for customs declaration preparation;

- Company registration in customs bodies, with observance of all interests of the customer;

- Preparation for giving in customs bodies of the declaration on the goods.

We actively use electronic, preliminary, and remote declaring of the goods, it considerably reduces time of registration of cargoes. You can choose a registration method independently, or to use our recommendations.

For regular customers individual quotations depending on periodicity and character of arranged cargoes are established.

2. Customs services

We render you separate kinds of customs services, for all kinds of cargoes. Price is established in a private order, depends on volumes and specificity of the executed works.

You can familiarise with the list of customs services in section Special services.

3. FTA Outsourcing

Foreign trade activities outsourcing consists in cooperation with the companies which specialise on the given type of activity and can provide better accomplishment of delegated operations. To usual other juridical person entrust: search of new partners abroad, contract work, the organisation of purchase and delivery of the goods, customs registration, and also all listed in a complex.

We offer replacement of obligations of the customs specialist or the accountant of department of foreign trade activities, on the terms of constant motivation. The rate of the specialist depends on amount of executed works. Obligations include the complete list of services in customs registration of cargoes / to accounting support FTA/to purchases in foreign trade activities sphere.

4. Complex support of foreign trade activities

The organisation of work of department on customs registration of cargoes (with representation of interests in customs bodies of Russian Federation) + accounting support of foreign trade activities.

To familiarise with the list of services Customs registration of cargoes and Accounting support of foreign trade activities is possible in sections.